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Vintage Forest Witch Aesthetic Sweatshirt - Cozy Fox Cottagecore Sweater with Mommy and Baby Fox Design

Vintage Forest Witch Aesthetic Sweatshirt - Cozy Fox Cottagecore Sweater with Mommy and Baby Fox Design

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🌲 Step into the magical realm of cottagecore, where whimsy meets warmth with our enchanting Fox Cottagecore Sweatshirt! 🦊✨ Embrace the charm of the forest, the coziness of cottage life, and the allure of woodland creatures with this vintage-inspired, forest witch aesthetic sweater.

✨ **Key Features to Fall in Love With:**

🍃 **Material Magic:** Crafted from a medium-heavy fabric blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this sweatshirt offers a cozy haven against the chill, ensuring both comfort and durability. A magical blend that feels as soft as a woodland breeze.

🌿 **Loose Fit Loveliness:** Designed with your comfort in mind, this sweatshirt boasts a loose fit that runs true to size. Perfect for snuggling by the fireplace or layering as you venture into the enchanted woods.

🏡 **Seamless Elegance:** Created in one seamless piece using tubular knit technology, this sweatshirt not only reduces fabric waste but also enhances its overall allure. It's a touch of elegance that complements the enchantment of cottagecore.

🌈 **Ribbed Knit Collar:** The highly elastic ribbed knit collar adds a dash of vintage flair while ensuring the neckline retains its shape over time. A timeless touch for a timeless look.

🌟 **Durable Magic Fabric:** Specially spun fibers create a strong and smooth surface, making it ideal for the mesmerizing print of woodland wonders. Polyester fibers add strength, chemical resistance, and the ability to withstand the twists and turns of your cottage adventures.

🌿 **Care Instructions for Treasured Garment:**

🚿 **Machine Wash Magic:** Give it a gentle cold water cycle (max 30°C or 90°F) to keep the magic intact.

🌼 **Non-Chlorine Bleach:** Use if needed, but be gentle and opt for the non-chlorine variety.

🌬️ **Tumble Dry with Love:** A low-heat setting is all it needs to maintain its cozy allure.

🧚 **No Iron Needed:** Let the magic unfold naturally; avoid ironing.

🌙 **No Dry Cleaning Spells:** This sweatshirt prefers the natural touch and isn't suitable for dry cleaning adventures.

🌟 **Special Note:** This sweatshirt is crafted just for you, making it as unique as your magical adventures. Returns or exchanges are like elusive forest creatures – not accepted. So, embrace the warmth and charm of the forest with this delightful Cottagecore Sweatshirt. It's the perfect companion for your vintage-inspired, woodland wardrobe. 🌲✨

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